Accidents & Incidents

"Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them."  Lady Bird Johnson, Former First Lady of the United States

The safety of your child is paramount and every measure will be taken to ensure they are protected from hurting themselves. However, accidents do happen and the following information details how the incident will be dealt with:


  1. Your child will be comforted and reassured

  2. The extent of your child’s injuries will be ascertained and if necessary medical assistance will be called for.

  3. Necessary first aid procedures will be carried out on your child.

  4. I will contact you to inform you of the accident and if necessary ask you to collect your child from the setting or to meet me at the hospital.


All other children within my care who were not involved in the accident / incident will be kept safe at all times. If necessary I will instigate my emergency procedures for children who are not injured, i.e.: using back up / other childminders to care for these children.


After every accident, however minor I will:


Complete an accident form, this will include full details of the accident / incident. You will be able to view the form when you arrive at the setting and in addition sign the report saying you have seen it.


If the incident requires any medical treatment I will:


  1. Inform Ofsted

  2. Inform my insurance company

  3. Contact Morten Michel / local authority for additional advice/support.

  4. Contact the local social care and RIDDOR if required


It is important that you keep me informed regarding your child’s condition following an accident and if you have sought additional medical advice or care.

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