Payment of Fees Policies

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Late Payment of Fees Policy


I work as a registered childminder as I love caring for children and supporting their development, however it is my chosen career and business. Like you I too have bills and expenses to meet each month and therefore require a regular income. I would be grateful if you could ensure that you are prompt in paying your monthly/weekly invoice.


If I have not received payment within seven days of the due date. I will issue you with a polite reminder. If I have still not received payment by the 10th day following the original invoice I reserve the right to make an additional charge ‘Late Payment Fee’ as per our contract to cover any bank charges I may have incurred. If at this point I still have not received payment I reserve the right to cease minding your child with immediate effect and seek legal advice from Morton Michel. This may result in you being summoned to attend a hearing at county court and if the judge finds in my favour you will also be liable to pay the court costs.


If you have had a change in circumstances and are now struggling to make payments, please let me know so we can make suitable arrangements. It maybe that you are now entitled to additional funding through the childcare element of the working tax credit and other benefits.

 Fees and opening hours

  • Dawns child-minding is open between 7.30am -5.30pm (care outside these hours may be provided by special arrangement)

  • All fees include snacks, drinks breakfast up until 8.00am

  • Transfers to and from playgroup and school

  • Toddler groups for pre-school children and local excursions (excluding day trips out)

  • Purchase of toys and equipment

  • Insurance and membership fees of relevant organisations

  • Excluding (picking up and dropping off from childs home) 

  • Babies/children on their own food or special diets.


Fees and Childminder Time off 

Any time taken off by myself for holidays/illness, funerals, appointments,  there will be no fee.  This also includes bank holidays as I do not mind on these days.I usually take 2 weeks in between April and September not always together.  Two weeks are always taken at the Christmas period.


Parents entitlement to holidays are 2 weeks at half fee.  Any additional holidays taken are charged at full fee unless they coincide with mine.  I do try to give my holiday dates in advance so if parents wish to take their holidays at the same time they can take advantage of the no fees.


If your child is ill full fee will still be required.  If your child does not attend the full week and is ill on a day he/she should attend and you wish your child to come on a day that they are not contracted to come then if I can accommodate this an extra day’s fee will apply.  Your child is contracted to specific days if you need to be able to swap days then you will have to pay for a full time place.


 Fees and Children's Holidays 

Children who attend in the holidays are allowed 2 weeks holidays of which half fee is required.  Any additional holidays are charged at full fee.


 Fees and Serving Notice

Parents are required to give four weeks written notice when they decide to terminate child-care (this does not include trial period) for which fee still uphold.  The trial period is the first month your child is with me.  If I feel your child is not settling or you do not feel that I am the right childminder for yourself then the contract can be terminated at any time in this period.


Retainer fee

A retainer fee may be paid where a place is being reserved for future use.  If the childminder is not able to offer the place as agreed then the retainer fee will be returned to the parent in full.  If the parent decides not to take up the retained place, then the retainer fee may be kept by the childminder.  The retainer will then be used as payment against the minding service when the child starts.


Late payment

Fees will incur a £3.00 fee for each day that payment is late, unless arranged with myself

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